Empty chairing and the ‘fewtch’

By 6th January 2017PR Savvy, Word Savvy

Word Savvy has been having a bit of a word fest recently. First there was Kanye’s abbreviation of ‘future’ to ‘fewtch’. Brilliant! And then there’s all the controversy about ‘empty chairing’. Not the will he/won’t he about Cameron debating Milliband, but the irritation caused by making a verb from a noun. We say love it while it lasts. Come 7 May it’ll go the same way as ‘to podium’ did in 2012. Who says that these days? Then ‘fracas’ has a little moment in the sun courtesy of the BBC and the Clarkson suspension. Cue discussions about how to pronounce it on @stancarey’s twitter feed; frak-ass, frak-arse (eh?), frak-ah, or like the Americans fray-kus?  And now, our print-on-demand clothing client has started talking about ‘merch’. Love it! How is it that ‘merch’ sounds like an amazingly cool hipster t-shirt, but ‘merchandising’ is some old Compaq polo shirt? We do love a good word.

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