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Came away feeling very positive and energised through a well-run Word Savvy workshop.


The Word Savvy workshop brought forward a lot of concepts that were new to me like the Ethos/Pathos/Logos attributes and the insight into how editors think/what they want/need.


Word Savvy took a succinct value proposition and turned it into content for multiple channels, including a website, Twitter, LinkedIn and my business card. Kate understands what’s worth saying, how to say it for different channels, and how to make it a seamless, coherent whole. She did all this while ensuring the value proposition was clearly and consistently communicated and without losing any of the personality of the service.

Pritpal S TamberFounder of Creating Health Collaborative

The PR Savvy team brought their purposeful words skills to our awards programme. Their management of the entry process reminded us of our successes and boosted team morale. Then the ceremony gave us the chance to cement client relationships and impress prospects. We’d definitely recommend these efficient words nerds.

Shannon SimpsonCEO, CNS Group