Communication Culture

People who can use language well have their ideas listened to and acted upon, but sometimes organisations get stuck in a communications rut. Word Savvy explains the effect of language and helps to change the communication culture across an organisation. We work with everyone from experts to your newest recruits, creating bespoke sessions with practical examples and activities. We cover things like; consultation documents, new business content, writing purposeful emails, even how to read body language.

Professional Social Identity

Maintaining your online professional profile can be demanding. Our language experts & social media mavens can  guide you through writing for your blog, tweeting or crafting a LinkedIn post, and all with a business-to-business focus.

Blog post

Brand Language

A consistent message impresses prospects, but does your language match your visual image? Do you sound like a corporate when you want to be a cool start-up? Do your complicated sentences clash with your sleek website design? Then we can help. Words can get over-looked in the design process. The Word Savvy team brings them back into the fold.

Content Creation

We can help with the constant demand for new content that many businesses face. Our experienced copywriters can produce case studies, white papers and newsletters, edit internal magazines, or just provide some topical tweet ideas.